Apr 27, 2009

make money-money make money-money-money

A rare find indeed. No less than 14 bucks in silver dollars.

With all this donated loot, we could buy about 8 cups of coffee or 2 bowls of pho or almost 2 chicken sandwiches or 3 pound of salad or, like, 14 different chinese food servings. We're rich!

Apr 25, 2009

the Most Donated Book

While Apollo 13, My Best Friends Wedding, and Titanic battle it out to be "the most donated copies of a VHS video in the store at one time" champion, there is no contest as to which is the most commonly donated book...

Apr 24, 2009

Love It or Leave It

You have got to love all this over-the-top post 9-11 "patriotic" crap that's floating around these days. We're still getting lots of those flags that clip onto your car's windows. Now here's another patriot classic:

This T-shirt is extra awesome because of the "2008" date on it. This ain't some non-free freedom from back in 1997! This is 2008's freedom that isn't free here.

The "Freedom is Not Free" merch usually emphasizes the "Not" part somehow, as well. 

DVNF is the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. I want to be clear that my ridicule of these "Freedom is Not Free" products is in no way intended to disrespect veterans in any way. But, c'mon, there has got to be a more dignified way to show support for the men and women defending our country than "Freedom is NOT Free 2008". 

Apr 15, 2009

Leave a Message

The Jammer has done it again. Instead of just throwing a big bag of dusty old audio cassettes into the already overcrowded cassette drawers, or maybe the dumper, he checks them all out to see if we are lucky enough to come across any of these:

An old school answering machine message cassette. It is pretty rare to find one so clearly labeled (and this one was full on both sides!), and it is really, really rare to actually get a juicy message, but when it happens it makes this whole shit job worth while.

We have also gotten in the habit of plugging in an listening to any phones with a built-in digital answering machines. 9 out of 10 of these usually have messages still on them as well.

Apr 13, 2009


Some crazy person out there is saving all of their used match sticks, cramming them into snack size ziplock bags, donating it to the junk store, and deducting it from their taxes.

Apr 11, 2009

Junk Pirate zine #17

Junk Pirate #17 is available right now. 22 pages in thrilling black and white. Heavy duty cover stock. Made entirely with and from items donated to the junk store. Featuring the already infamous "Sack O' Sauce in a Can O' Meat"! Available now at better zine shops for $3, or get your direct from our allies at Rowan Morrison Publishing and save a buck. ORDER IT NOW
If you don't want to pay for priority mail shipping for just one zine, throw in the Junk Pirate Volume One book. Featuring the best of issues 1-12 plus other stuff that will please you greatly. 

Apr 10, 2009

You've been Lumberjacked!

A top candidate for Junk Pirate toy of the month goes to this mini Bosch kiddie chainsaw.

Fire this bad boy up and it makes realistic chain saw sounds and has a real rotating chain. Perfect for re-enacting scenes from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Who will survive their AM break (recently reduced to 10 minutes), and what will be left of them. 
If you think this toy is harmless, just check out this report from UC Irvine that discusses the "lifelong harm" that the Bosch Replica Chainsaw will do to your child's hearing at a whopping 95 decibels! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!