Feb 26, 2009

Damn you, Sausage Fingers!

Anybody who is anybody collects things in jars. Probably the most classic jarred collection would be the old dice jar. Started way back at the "old" Junk Store, we have kept a dice jar going in some capacity or another for years now. Regular white six sided, D&D, red casino dice, dice with letters on them, novelty sex dice, those backgammon dice that go 2-4-8-16-32-64... whatever you got, we'll take it from you and put it in a jar.

Then, one terrible day, old Sausage Fingers got an inkling to shit in my cereal and she up and dumped the dice jar into a white box (probably couldn't fit her fat sausage fingers in the jar) and tried to sell 'em. She also dissed the collection of Rubik's Cubes, Magic 8-balls, and some other good bits.
Luckily, Top Cat spotted my dice and salvaged what he could. So I just packed-up all my hoarded treasure and brought it home. I'm happy to say the dice jar lives on back at Junk Pirate headquarters.

The Dice Jar stays... you go!

and here is a bonus look at some vintage dice jar action:

Feb 25, 2009


A portion of the ever growing (and lately forced into hiding) rubber ball collection:

I remember a time when they sold rubber balls in vending machines. It seems like they have lost popularity in the modern era. Maybe it is the 95% likely hood that a child will put it in their mouth and probably choke. Maybe it is these newfangled "video" games. Whatever the cause, the Jammer and I are bringing them back. Big time.

Feb 12, 2009


Here is something pleasant:

You guessed it. A mouse. In a loosely sealed jar. Preserved in what I hope is formaldehyde or maybe 100% alcohol.  You would not believe the fight that took place over who got to keep this hideous thing. Of course, this isn't the first preserved-animal-in-a-jar we have gotten, just the first I got a picture of.