Apr 25, 2011


I old, so I come from the era when lunch boxes were made out of embossed metal and you could really do some damage throwing it at your friend's head. Then things got a plastic and lame. So I get a little pang of nostalgia when we get a one of these in...

Nice Sesame Street lunch box from 1973 or so. With thermos!
On the back it looks like Grover is throwing down gang signs in class. What what!

Apr 20, 2011

Weed with Roots in Hell

I've been hoarding up a fat stash of drug related donation images for a month-long binge in the near future, but seeing as today is 4.20 and I'm jonesin to give you a hit of the good shit, here is a 1970s repro of a 1920s classic: Marihuana. Still IT Flourishes!!

Weird Orgies? Wild Parties? Unleashed Passions? Thrills? Innocent Girls into Lives of Ruin?
Sign me up!

Apr 19, 2011

Bullets 4 Tha Cops

Another case of boxes of live ammo. In a rare moment of responsible thinking, the Junk Store Driver decided we should turn this stash over to the police before tragedy inevitably struck. So we labelled the box "Bullets 4 Tha Cops", stuck it up on the high shelf, and promptly ignored them unto our current date.

I actually think "Bullets 4 Tha Cops" is a great name for a gangsta rap track.

Apr 5, 2011

Stink Bombs

I don't know what is more classic... This pack of Stink Bombs, or the fact that I immediately dropped and broke (and therefore "set off") this one in the Sorting Room right after this photo was taken.