The Junk Pirate Found Art Empire

There is more to Junk Pirate than taking crappy photos of weird shit while I'm at work. I also hoard weird shit at my house for years and eventually some of it gets made into pieces of fine art. Junk Pirate Art (not to be mistaken for art that's been donated to the Junk Store) has found its way into several group shows, a couple of window installations, and I've even had two solo exhibitions. New works are constantly being created over at Junk Pirate HQ, with an ever-changing and always available-for-viewing display window that features the latest collections and inspirations. Get into it!

The Junk Pirate Art Exhibition - December 2006 - at Rowan Morrison Gallery in Oakland, CA

Pete Glover's Junk Pirate - May 2010 - at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA

The Junk Pirate Found Slide Show - November 2010 - at Smokey's Tangle in Oakland

Nothing But The Code - September 2012 - at Book Zoo in Oakland


3 Lukes

Sheriff Badges

Class Photo

Game Pieces - Red


...more to come soon.

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