Apr 30, 2010

Not Spiro...

Not exactly a Spirograph, but I'm adding it to the collection anyways.

Sorry for all the post delays. I'm knee deep in the upcoming Junk Pirate Found Art Exhibition production and promotion. Get all the info at www.junkpirate.com.
May might be a lean month on the blog, but there is lots of great stuff getting donated so keep checking back and we'll blast-off in June.

Apr 10, 2010

Apr 7, 2010

Oh Yeah!

We recently got in another donation of Atari 2600 games (a blog-worthy score on its own):

But, look closely and you'll see what may be the best Atari 2600 game title of all times... Kool-Aid Man!

It comes in a funky shaped cartridge, and was made in 1983 by Mattel (although General Foods Corp holds the copyright). I never actually played the game, but I just love the idea of a Kool-Aid Man game."Oh Yeah! As in the commercials from that time frame, the Kool-Aid Man (a pitcher of that tasty beverage with a face) comes crashing through the wall. As the story goes, the "Thirsties" are trying to drain your pool. As they stop and take a drink, move Kool-Aid man around the yard and capture them. The Thirsties that are not standing still will get in your way and bounce Kool-Aid Man around. If you see any of the Kool-Aid ingredients (water, sugar, or Kool-Aid soft drink mix), grab it and you will become big and strong, and the Thirsties won't be able to push you around for a while. Try to clear all 30 Thirsties before they drain the pool."
Kool-Aid Man initially could be obtained by sending in proofs-of-purchase from Kool-Aid products. Later, it was made available for purchase in stores, so it's not as rare as it could have been."
What's really nuts is that this is not the best Kool-Aid related donation we have ever had. Aside from the vintage Kool-Aid Man comic (featuring Kool-Aid Man surfing and skating), we once got a pre-clipped collection of 78 Kool-Aid Points pasted onto a piece of paper! Exactly the kind of Points you would need to send in to get the Kool-Aid Man Atari game!

I so wish I had taken a color photo or scan of this masterpiece. Alas, all we have is this image from a xerox I used in Issue #6 of Junk Pirate Zine.
And, obviously, here are some Kool-Aid related video clips and links:

  • And no Kool-Aid post is complete without some embedded Kool-Aid commercial:

Apr 4, 2010

white wine and shrimp

I will never, ever, ever complain about a booze donation.

This bottle of Beringer 2008 Moscato is good for a blog post about booze donations and that is about it. Blech.
Just cuz I'm NOT complaining about it doesn't mean I don't want it.
Doesn't mean I won't drink it either.

Apr 1, 2010