Oct 30, 2010

Vincent Price's Favorites

OK, it's the night before Halloween, Vincent Price is still alive and he's coming over to your place to play some board games. What are you going do?

Here's a suggestions:

"My favorite game!"

But what if Vince wants to do some craft projects using old fruit?
"Create your own collection of delightful Shrunken Heads."  -Vincent Price

Oct 29, 2010

Miss Eyefull Tower

Halloween is coming up, so let's get it together for a few posts here and get our costumes ready.

We can start with this vintage, in the original box, mask and costume called "Miss Eyefull Tower".

Oct 25, 2010

Six types of Gumby!

Six types of Gumby!

Who would have thought, in their wildest dreams, that I would be come up on six different types of Gumby?!? The subtle differences of head shape, shades of green, and facial configurations make me wonder how many other types of 5" posable Gumby figures there are out there. 

I'd say this piece of Junk Pirate Art ranks right up there with "3 Lukes".

But wait, there's more! Gumby lighter!!!!

That's right. It's a working twelve inch Gumby shaped butane grill lighter. Made by "Toyco". Unreal!

Oct 24, 2010


A lot of idiots like to take perfectly good, usable US postage stamps and frame them as "collectibles" or something. Then they die or get divorced or something and eventually their framed "treasures" end up at the flea market or (in this case) the Junk Store.
I'll tell you something... stamps ain't worth shit. Many a binder of stamp collections have I tried to re-sell with no luck. Unless there is an upside-down airplane on them or something, your stamps are never going to increase in value. 
But, by all means, please continue hoarding them so they eventually make their way down to me and the Jammer. Then we crack open that frame and divy up the loot. Free shipping!
Sure, the price of postage continues to rise, but I'm more than willing to throw down enough antiquated postage to cover half the envelope sooner than purchase some new ones.

Along those lines of thinking, and in honor of a great postseason of baseball, we have these:

Oct 22, 2010

1 Quarter 2 Plays

The dream of dreams on the Donation Manifestation wish list is a working arcade cabinet video game. Any game, really, would just be amazing. I seriously doubt it will ever happen, but I've been forced revise my pessimism on the subject when this miracle strolled into the sorting room:

Hi-Score Pool (1971) has got to be one of the lamest pinball games ever manufactured. The flippers shoot the ball under a panel where you can't see it, and if it seems to pass under a lighted billiard ball, the lights go out. Once you get all the balls to go out... they go back on again and the game continues. On and on and on. 
After about 15 minutes of this I started to feel ripped-off, even though it was set to "free" mode.

Aesthetically it is has some allright graphics and everything lights up and works, which is a miracle, so I shouldn't complain. But still, of all the working pinball games to come into my life, it had to be the most boring one ever. Even the guys at the Pinball Museum up north didn't want it.

Oct 15, 2010

Nude Dude

We're training a bunch of new fish here at the Junk Store these days. Combine that with a combo of record heat with mountain of fleece, mysterious 6am trips to a city-wide garage sale, the Jammer going on vacation, and several new businesses trying to move in on our dumpster space... I hardly make time to post a blog now and again.

I'll get more going on as these new Junior Junk Pirates pay some dues by lightening my work load. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this Nude Dude:

Oct 3, 2010


Real lunch for real Americans. Carried in this...

Goes great with a real American beverage in this...

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