Oct 24, 2010


A lot of idiots like to take perfectly good, usable US postage stamps and frame them as "collectibles" or something. Then they die or get divorced or something and eventually their framed "treasures" end up at the flea market or (in this case) the Junk Store.
I'll tell you something... stamps ain't worth shit. Many a binder of stamp collections have I tried to re-sell with no luck. Unless there is an upside-down airplane on them or something, your stamps are never going to increase in value. 
But, by all means, please continue hoarding them so they eventually make their way down to me and the Jammer. Then we crack open that frame and divy up the loot. Free shipping!
Sure, the price of postage continues to rise, but I'm more than willing to throw down enough antiquated postage to cover half the envelope sooner than purchase some new ones.

Along those lines of thinking, and in honor of a great postseason of baseball, we have these:

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