Sep 29, 2012

Knight Rider Board Game

This 1982 Parker Brothers gem comes to you complete.
Best opening theme in television history:

Sep 20, 2012

Libros de Educacion

Loving the screenprinted covers of these Spanish language educational books.
If you want more awesomeness on your phone on the regular, follow my Instagram account at "thejunkpirate".

Sep 17, 2012

Space: 1999 - The Moistener(?)

The past never seemed so futuristic.

No idea what this thing is supposed to be. It's like a ink pad without the ink. I guess it is a promo moistener. That makes no sense.

Sep 15, 2012

...or Hardly Working

If the customers we serve wanted me to get off my ass and help with with their donations and questions and such, then they shouldn't donate working portable DVD players.

Sep 14, 2012

Quadraphonic Masterpiece

Introducing: the most awesome portable cassette stereo you have ever seen.

Sep 7, 2012

Nothing But The Code

Anybody who has had the privilege a glancing into the Black Out Closet of the Sorting Room this past year or so could not have ignored the shelves and shelves dedicated to hoarding a particular book... the most commonly donated junk store book there is...

Oh yeah, we've assembled nearly 100 copies of The Da Vinci Code in a little over a year. Welcome to the secret society dedicated to the protecting the sacred knowledge of the Junk Store.

No less than six different versions of Da Code. Two sizes of hardcover, and four unique paperbacks. These are all American releases. 

If reading hurts your brain, you can still follow the adventures of Robert Langdon via audio book. Three version on cassette, plus a CD pack.

Plus books about The Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci Code Decoded (also in audiobook form), and a Christian book all about how the theories brought forth in this work of fiction are, in fact, bullshit. Take that Dan Brown.

10 different Da Vinci Codes in all (plus the books about The Code). With a new copy or two (usually of the hardcover or smallest paperback) being donated every week, we are up to our armpits here. And now you can be too...

Nothing But The Code, a Junk Pirate window installation, is happening at Book Zoo in Oakland starting on Friday September 7th (why, that's tonight!) and on view until Sunday, or while supplies last.
Mandatory FREE copy of The Code with any purchase all weekend.

Join me tonight around 7pm while we project the Ron Howard film version and drink beer while trying to plot how to wipe out that evil Priory of Scion... or are we trying to protect the Priory?
I really should read this book someday.

Sep 1, 2012

M500 Polaroid ID Camera

Now here's something someone other than me could probably do something interesting with...
The Polaroid M500 ID Camera. It comes in a monstrously bulky case with desktop mount, two packs of expired 669 film, and some other metal crap, and a lot of wasted space filled with foam.

Just plug this behemoth into an outlet (or more likely an extension cord because the power cable attached to the camera is only 10 inches long), load up some of that awesome Polaroid film where you have to peel the two sheets apart, and it's time for some action. 

The most unique part is that you can take 4 instant photos on one piece of film. You can set it to take four of the same picture, two pictures of two, or four different pictures. It also has a flash and even a primitive exposure setting system. 

Here, Hans agreed to model so we can demonstrate just how gorgeous these photos can be: