May 29, 2010

The Junk Pirate Found Art Exhibition

The show opens TONIGHT, from 6-9pm. We'll also be having drinky receptions on Friday, June 4th and Friday, July 2nd from 7-10pm.
Where? The Compound Gallery - 1167 65th St in Oakland, CA.
Gallery Hours: Thurs-Sun 12-6.
I'm coded in to the tech-lock at the gallery, so if anybody wants a private, after hours tour, let me know.

There will be tons of brand new pieces of artwork, lots of framed junk, over 300 board game pieces, 21 different ViewMaster viewers, 6 kinds of Gumby, other people's photos, a new issue of the zine (if I can finish it in time), custom made Junk Pirate Dice, T-shirts, free beer from Trumer, gambling, prizes, the most insane found slide show ever, and an awesome iPod playlist custom made by yours truly.
Roll the Dice for the Price, baby.

I'll be posting photos of the artwork soon enough, right after I sleep for about a week. Thanks to everyone for checking out this blog, supporting Junk Pirate, and donating all your unwanted awesomeness to the local thrift store.

Specific Thanks go out to: Narangkar, Matt & Lena, Nic, Andrew, The Jammer, the rest of the Junk Store clique, and the great Nungi Van.

May 28, 2010

The Pan-Pet

The final Viewmaster Blog isn't for a ViewMaster at all. It is for a Japanese Stereoscopic panorama viewer by Gakken Co. called the Pan-Pet.

The Pan-Pet used widescreen images on 35mm film on a reel-to-reel device that is kinda laborious to advance. The panoramic images (this one has the trippy architecture from Expo '70) are pretty cool. Made in 1969, this product never really caught on so only a handful of image reels were manufactured. 
Here is a picture I took looking through one of the little eye-holes with my camera:

Apparently they made a reel of artful nudes! Wish I had that one. Here is a scan of the film I found online:

And, of course, here is a link for more info and images on the Pan-Pet.

So, that's it for the big ViewMaster week here on Tales From The Junk Store.
The big, big Junk Pirate Art Exhibition opens tomorrow night. I've been staying up way past my bedtime trying to get everything put together. I've only taken breaks to eat and make these ViewMaster posts. More info here. Hope to see you there.

May 27, 2010


Check it out...

Here is a simple stereoscopic viewer. Is it made by Sawyers? GAF? Fisher Price? Nope.

It's some generic Chinese import knock-off faker. The viewing discs are just simple line drawings of animals. They aren't even 3D! I feel really, really sorry for the poor kid who wanted a Viewmaster and instead ends up with this migraine inducing impostor.

Today's Stereoscopic Linko: Let's see what Viewmaster Products are available on eBay right now!

Also, this:

May 26, 2010

Model D (and by 'D' I mean 'F')

What better way to follow-up a Model C than with a ViewMaster Model D Viewer!

It's the first illuminated viewer! Made of Bakelite and manufactured between 1955 and 1972, this viewer is heavy duty, but also prone to cracking and breaking apart (which I learned when I dropped it while taking these photos.

I somehow also managed to mangle the box pretty bad.

Order yours for over $200 here.

Notice: Over two years later and a friendly buccaroo in the comments correctly identified this as a Model F, not a Model D. Adjust your life plans accordingly.

And now for our link: Make your own custom ViewMaster Picture Disc Reels here!

May 25, 2010

Model C

Check this one out... a ViewMaster Model C, the classic baby boomer style manufactured from 1946 to 1955. It's made of Bakelite and was the first viewer to have a slot for easy loading of the 3D picture reels. Still works!

Today's 3D Link: More info on the Model C!

May 24, 2010

ViewMaster Collector's Case

I think it would be fair to label me as a "ViewMaster Collector", so a donation like this has my name written all over it.

The blue ViewMaster Collector's Case. Perfect for encasing your collection of Viewmaster products.

Of course, if your ViewMaster collection has exceeded two viewers and a handful viewing discs, you are going to need several of these cases. Then you would need a ViewMaster Collector's Case Collector's Case, to encase your collection of Collector's Cases.

While you wrap your brain around that, let's check in with today's ViewMaster link:
The Collectors Weekly webpage for View-Master collectibles.

May 22, 2010

Viewmasters... in 3D

A couple more here. A bluey with an orange trigger, and then a kinda bloated looking modern red guy. Plus a bonus translucent orange disc holder. 

Today's link: A USA Today article from 2004 about Viewmaster's 65th Anniversary!

May 21, 2010

Viewmasters - the collection begins

Just a quick picture of the early days of the Viewmaster collection. You might think that the two red ones are the same, but that would make you an idiot with no observation skills. Look at the bright orange pull-down lever... one has a concave grip and one is a ball!
We also have a blue guy, one of those vintage red-and-white two-toners, a black viewer, a contemporary "Builder Bob" promo piece, and a ultra-rare Bakelite brown boy. Each of these have specific Model identification letters, but right now I'm to busy to take the time to look it all up.
Also pictured here are a smattering of reels, a few vintage reel disc envelopes, and a plastic disc case. Looks like we're ready to have ourselves a Viewmaster party.

And now for today's Viewmaster link: A Glossary of Viewmaster Collecting Terminology

May 19, 2010

"I always considered the GAF Viewmaster an ingenius invention..."

The big Junk Pirate Found Art Exhibition is coming up in less than a fortnight, and I haven't even begun to assemble the collections for display. Once all is said and done I'll be posting the beautiful collections right here on this blog, but in the meantime I think it is about time to drop some of my favorites...
Do you know they made 25 different models of the Viewmaster viewer since its inception in 1940. With all the color variations (and some exclusive foreign styles) there are likely over a hundred different viewers for you to donate to the junk store. Over 1.5 Billion viewing disc have been produced.
It is one of my favorite Junk Pirate collections, and will be proudly displayed (with a viewmaster reel lightbox (if I can figure out how to build it in time)) during the show.

So let's all wallow in our own greatness as spend the final countdown days to the big exhibition perusing several posts of the fantastic and hopefully ever growing Viewmaster collection.

May 13, 2010

Let's Get Nuts

I thought that we would never see a promo item that could possible baffle more than the Child's Play 4 foamy oversized sperm, but here you go...

Creative Marketing Concepts present "Nutty Promotions". Get your company's logo printed on some nuts. If that doesn't increase your business tenfold, then try some oversized foamy sperms.

Order your own here (only $355 for 10, or is that 10 orders of 25lbs of nuts?)

May 4, 2010

Top Cop & Cluedo

After a few go-rounds playing "Pass Out", we like to dip into the vintage games closet for a little "Top Cop"...

Then we finish the night off right with a little 1950s Clue.