May 21, 2010

Viewmasters - the collection begins

Just a quick picture of the early days of the Viewmaster collection. You might think that the two red ones are the same, but that would make you an idiot with no observation skills. Look at the bright orange pull-down lever... one has a concave grip and one is a ball!
We also have a blue guy, one of those vintage red-and-white two-toners, a black viewer, a contemporary "Builder Bob" promo piece, and a ultra-rare Bakelite brown boy. Each of these have specific Model identification letters, but right now I'm to busy to take the time to look it all up.
Also pictured here are a smattering of reels, a few vintage reel disc envelopes, and a plastic disc case. Looks like we're ready to have ourselves a Viewmaster party.

And now for today's Viewmaster link: A Glossary of Viewmaster Collecting Terminology

1 comment:

Manuel Alarcón said...

dude thats awesome!!! I moved to another town and started seeing a lot of viewers, so when i found a Gaf Two-Tone View-Master Model G the collection was officially on!