May 19, 2010

"I always considered the GAF Viewmaster an ingenius invention..."

The big Junk Pirate Found Art Exhibition is coming up in less than a fortnight, and I haven't even begun to assemble the collections for display. Once all is said and done I'll be posting the beautiful collections right here on this blog, but in the meantime I think it is about time to drop some of my favorites...
Do you know they made 25 different models of the Viewmaster viewer since its inception in 1940. With all the color variations (and some exclusive foreign styles) there are likely over a hundred different viewers for you to donate to the junk store. Over 1.5 Billion viewing disc have been produced.
It is one of my favorite Junk Pirate collections, and will be proudly displayed (with a viewmaster reel lightbox (if I can figure out how to build it in time)) during the show.

So let's all wallow in our own greatness as spend the final countdown days to the big exhibition perusing several posts of the fantastic and hopefully ever growing Viewmaster collection.

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