Oct 31, 2012

Spooky the Reuse Ghost

Happy Hallowe'en

An all-time favorite reuse art project finally gets it's time to shine. It's Spooky, the Reuse Ghost.

Made from wire, a styrofoam ball, some google eyes, and stretchy fabric, this Halloween ornament was a favorite of ours. It kicked around the Junk Store for many months, repeatedly going missing and then being found on the floor somewhere in increasingly more dilapidated and dirty condition. I haven't seen Spooky in many years, but we'll always remember him fondly.

Oct 29, 2012

Spider-Mania vs. Horror Reptiles

Halloween is coming, so get out those cheap ass Junk Store via Dollar Store decorations...

This "Spider-Mania" package should be celebrated all year round. That crazy hag in the big blue t-shirt is just so awesome! Is she caught in a big spider web, or is she queen of the spiders?

I don't want to get a technical here, but I do believe that spiders are in fact arachnids and not reptiles. Either way, I am now referring to all spiders, nay, all spiders and insects as "Horror Reptiles".  I encourage you to do the same.

Oct 24, 2012

Junk Pirate Art Installations: Dark Side of the Window

If you're in the neighborhood, take a stroll down 40th and check out the latest window display at the Junk Pirate Headquarters. 

This psychedelic keyboard supertrip is as over as the summer of love, but since you didn't get to groove on it while it was happening (and even if you did), here it is. I was there, Man.

Oct 19, 2012

Viva La Tienda Basura

A delightful junk store painting of what appears to be Che Guevara neck deep in flames, perhaps burning in hell.

They might tell you to learn to paint, but I say "Fight the power, Man."

Oct 9, 2012

Ticket To Ride

The Jammer recently came up on a fat sack of partially used BART train tickets.

With remaining balances of anywhere from .15 cents to nearly 5.00 bucks on each ticket, we're talking a total value of several hundo once consolidated!


Update: The jokes on us. The Jammer went deep into the bowels of BART to find that office that will consolidate your tickets only to discover there is not a cent on any of them. 

Oct 1, 2012

Cock O' The Walk

This animation cell from came framed under glass, and the donators said that when they attempted to get it restored, some charlatan actually ruined it, so now they were donating it to us.
I looked at animation cell and could immediately tell that is was the back of the cell that was being displayed under the matt. Hand drawn animations are colored from the back so it just was all color fills without any of the details or outlines. I opened the frame and flipped it and here you go:

You can see that the restorer did do a shit job, but mainly just the yellowing and fading on the chicken girl's white fill. Otherwise this is an awesome piece of rare Depression-era Disney animation.
Thousands of these hand drawn and hand colored cells were created for every animation from that era. Nearly all of these cells (perhaps except from some of the popular feature films, and even then) got destroyed.

A little research (aka reading the back of the frame and then doing an internet search) revealed that this is a cell from Disney's "Cock O' The Walk", a Silly Symphony from 1935. It's on youtube, embedded at the top of this post.