Nov 30, 2009

Pea Shooters

New additions to the Junk Pirate Weapons Stockpile:

A whole grip of Techy-Gloks. With plenty of rubber pellet refills. Not quite as powerful as a pump-action b.b. shooter, but this due quite nicely for defending the loading dock against donation hags in their silent hybrid cars. 

The pellets even load into these realistic clips. Just like a big boy gun.

Nov 28, 2009

The Cap'n

Another breathtaking piece of Junk Store original artwork. 
I call this one "The Cap'n" and he's running this ship from here on out. 

Nov 19, 2009

Sort Dice Good

After a hard day of smashing mugs and precariously stacking bags of scrap fabric at the Junk Store, I like to unwind with some smooth jazz and a fat pile of mixed dice. Nothing soothes my jangled nerves like making little piles and rows of dice.

There are so many ways you can group them. Color, size, material, number of sides, cleanliness, or any way I want them. Once I add any new additions to the collection, I then put them all back in baggies and jars and then back on the shelf until tomorrow. 

Nov 11, 2009

The latest in audio technology

Someday soon I'll take a picture of the 8-track playing Robot, but until that day comes we can all still rock out and rock on with this massive box of classic tracks.

It's all here, man. Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Steppenwolf, Floyd, Zepplin, the Stones, the Beatles, Thin Lizzy, Ram Jam, Neil Young, and even some George Carlin comedy tapes. And if you think the Junk Store isn't equipped with the latest in stereophonic playing devices, you obviously aren't hip to the scene, man. 

Not only do we have a deluxe 8-Track player hooked into the sorting room Hi-Fi system...

but we're also rocking this fashionable "portable" two-speaker 8-track player with AM/FM radio antennae. Sure, it doesn't take batteries, but with enough extension cord (harvested from the office aisle endcap), you can carry the heavy tunes with you down the block, man.

Nov 4, 2009

Damn My Eyes

Look out! We've been seeing lots of good Eyes lately...

Do these go into the eyeball collection, or the rubber ball collection?

Eye N Eye N Eye N Eye N Eye

I was very  pleased to see the warning embossed into the back of this eye-bubble container.

Trip Out.

Doll's eyes: Worth their weight in gold.

And we conclude with the above image of the psychedelic eye bin from the Junk Pirate Archives. 
See you next time. I'll keep an eye out for you. And so on.