Feb 28, 2010

Ninja Rap

When we first created the Donation Manifestation wish-list, I threw "ninja throwing stars" (or "hira-shuriken") right there at the top. I figured we would be getting one or two of these in every month. In the dozens of years I've been sorting Junk Store donations since then, we have not seen a single one of there. Not a one. Nunchucks, sure. Swords, no problem, but ninja stars... never.
Until today.

Sure, it is so dull it acts as more of a blunt object weapon than a blade, and I suspect that it was made to be more decorative than functional. I'm still happy to finally see one of these (it was donated in a box of broken action figures). Keeeyah!

Feb 15, 2010

worn only once - in 1990

Unlike music instruments (see my last post), wigs, weaves, and toupees aren't nearly as rare of a donation as you would expect, or hope. I guess an artist or teacher could use it for something, particularly a bald artist or teacher.
Along those lines, here is one of my recent favorites. The note that was taped to the packaging is in itself a great item for Tales From the Junk Store.

Cost over $500!?! You got ripped off!

And here is our old buddy Hans sampling the goods for us. Looking sharp, Hans.

Feb 12, 2010


Little combo amps are great and all but if we really want to rock we're gonna need some serious wattage here.

Actual musical instruments (aside from pan pipes) are a pretty rare donation at the Junk Store. Much more so than you would expect. An occasional saxophone piece here or maybe a ukulele there, but the big guns never seem to come in. And if or when they do, Big Merl and Top Cat have usually got them squirreled away at the home studio by sundown so I never even get a chance to shred.

Feb 9, 2010

fake boobs

When we first got these in, I thought they were actual silicon implants or something. How fun and creepy and silly...

But, upon closer inspection, they are actually prosthetic boobs for women who have had to have mastectomies because of breast cancer or what have you.
Not quite so much fun, eh? Yeah, I feel like an insensitive jerk for trying to somehow portray this donation as weird and freaky (which it still kinda is). I don't feel bad enough to not post it on the Junk Store blog, but I still feel bad.

Feb 3, 2010

Yellow Fuzzy Rider

Until I accidentally drop my new smart phone into the dumpster, we currently have the ability to make a quick video here at the Junk Store and quickly upload it to Youtube.
Like this:

Who is this fuzzy yellow tricycle rider? Is it hand made? Why is this so fascinating to me?
Look at those crazy legs go! Now take it viral, people.