Feb 28, 2010

Ninja Rap

When we first created the Donation Manifestation wish-list, I threw "ninja throwing stars" (or "hira-shuriken") right there at the top. I figured we would be getting one or two of these in every month. In the dozens of years I've been sorting Junk Store donations since then, we have not seen a single one of there. Not a one. Nunchucks, sure. Swords, no problem, but ninja stars... never.
Until today.

Sure, it is so dull it acts as more of a blunt object weapon than a blade, and I suspect that it was made to be more decorative than functional. I'm still happy to finally see one of these (it was donated in a box of broken action figures). Keeeyah!

1 comment:

max said...

i have that same shuriken!!!