Jun 27, 2013

BETA Thriller

You call yourself a Michael Jackson fan?
Are you watching Making Michael Jackson's Thriller on BETAMAX tape?!?
I didn't think so.

And thus ends the Junk Pirate tribute to Michael Jackson. Shamon!

Jun 26, 2013

Tell us a story, Michael

Quincy Jones produced this strange record album of Michael Jackson emphatically narrating the story of E.T.

Just to be clear, this record features no Michael Jackson music. The movie features no Michael Jackson music. Michael Jackson should have nothing to do with E.T. Yet it seems such a natural fit.

A little research shows that this record was released literally days before Thriller, won a Grammy (for best recording for children), and was recalled by Sony. I also see that this audiobook was written by Quincy Jone, and that Michael Jackson felt an affinity for E.T. In fact, Jackson was so into E.T., that he was quoted (regarding his meeting with the animatronic E.T. for the label photo seen below):
"He was so real that I was talking to him. I kissed him before I left. The next day, I missed him."

Also, here is another E.T. picture disc record of the soundtrack we put up on the sorting room wall.

Jun 25, 2013

Shamon! Michael Jackson at the Junk Store!

Let us spend the week mourning the anniversary of death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

I truly wish I had taken a photo of every scrap of MJ merch that has passed through the sorting room (why, oh why didn't I grab the 12" single of Billie Jean with the instrumental version?!?), but I still have a few picks to share so get out your rhinestone glove and hyperbaric oxygen sleeping chamber and let's get started with this Barbie-sized Jackson doll.

And, of course, he arrived pantsless.

Jun 22, 2013

Exotic Decorator Lite in the Box

If you fancy yourself too sophisticated for I regular old lava lamp, might I recommend the Lave-Lite, the exotic decorator lite.
  • Fascinating
  • Intriguing
  • Soothing
  • Ever-Changing
  • Entertaining
  • Made in U.S.A.
Check out all the awesome possible uses suggested by the illustrations on the side of the box. Looks like you can knit by it, use it for your outdoor cafe seating, and so on.

Jun 19, 2013

Vintage Selfie

This dude was way ahead of his time by snapping a "selfie" back in 1972. Unfortunately, we had to wait 40 years to post it on instagram

With that giant tie, it was worth the wait.

Jun 1, 2013

Tumblr from the Junk Store

Presently, I am slowly easing all the amazing awesomeness that is the Tales from the Junk Store blog over towards the new Junk Pirate tumblr page. This will feature such greatness as:
  • new, crazy, and often disturbing items donated to the Junk Store.
  • perhaps more frequent updates.... no promises.
  • all that great Junk Pirate fine art you know you can't live without.
  • witty commentary.
  • other people's photos.
  • links to other awesome collections.
  • and fantastically huge posts that delve deep into the details of some of the famous Junk Pirate collections.
Will I keep updating this blog?     Sure, why not.
Do my bosses know about this?    I sure hope not.
Can you buy this stuff from me?     "I'm a gripper, not a flipper".
Do I ask question out loud to myself and then answer them?     Never!

So check out the Tumblr blog and step up to keep your rep up.