Jun 26, 2013

Tell us a story, Michael

Quincy Jones produced this strange record album of Michael Jackson emphatically narrating the story of E.T.

Just to be clear, this record features no Michael Jackson music. The movie features no Michael Jackson music. Michael Jackson should have nothing to do with E.T. Yet it seems such a natural fit.

A little research shows that this record was released literally days before Thriller, won a Grammy (for best recording for children), and was recalled by Sony. I also see that this audiobook was written by Quincy Jone, and that Michael Jackson felt an affinity for E.T. In fact, Jackson was so into E.T., that he was quoted (regarding his meeting with the animatronic E.T. for the label photo seen below):
"He was so real that I was talking to him. I kissed him before I left. The next day, I missed him."

Also, here is another E.T. picture disc record of the soundtrack we put up on the sorting room wall.

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