Jan 31, 2013

He's Gonna Be Mean To Me

Have I not posted this picture of a Mr. Bill carnival mirror yet?
No? Well, here it is.

This is where I would post some embedded youtube Mr. Bill video but I guess Saturday Night Live ain't having it so just imagine his voice in your head.

Jan 13, 2013

back when Records were Cylindrical

Gold Moulded from Edison. Play that funky music white boy.
2 minutes of face melting recordings from at least 100 years ago. If there was an actual record in this tube, which there wasn't. It was just package.

Jan 8, 2013

The Heap Lives!

Feed the HEAP!
Through the magic of technology and the Autostitch app, I present to you a sampling of recent Heaps....

Sit back and enjoy the fact that it isn't your job to have to sort through and try to sell all these massive piles of garbage.

Jan 5, 2013

The Power of Christ Compels You

The God of Donations truly smiled upon me with what I can only assume is some sort of exorcism kit, or perhaps a "presto-change-o Deathbed Conversion" set-up, complete with holy water, crucifix, and instructions.
Whatever it is, we're in for some blasphemous fun in the Junk Store.

Although, looking at the photo now, the presence of the candles and spoon makes me think that somehow heroin is involved as well. Those wacky Christians.