May 28, 2014

You're Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid - Part 2

We're not really intending to start a collection of BB Guns, but you start shoving them in the corner of the Sorting Room and then someone donates a rifle rack, and then, well...

May 26, 2014

You're Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

You would think that with all these quality working BB Guns coming through the Junk Store month after month I would be a better marksman, but I only hit the customers in the face, like, 20% of the time.

May 23, 2014

Generic Sharpie Clones

Let's see here. We've got
  • Super Shankie
  • Super Skerpie
  • Super Sharbao
  • Shamark
  • Staunion
  • the ever popular Super Marker

Still waiting on that "Chango" brand Sharpie knock-off.

May 20, 2014

Hans 2014

It's post number 500 for the Tales from the Junk Store blog! And what better way to celebrate than by partying with our old friend Hans. When we last checked in with Hans, he was hoarding ladies' undergarments over by the water cooler. But now I can't seem to find him anywhere.

Wait. Look up.
There's Hans. That rascal somehow got up on top of the sorting room rolling door and is now perched like a gargoyle on PCP. I see he still is sporting those leather chaps. Looks like his collection of donated underwear is going strong, too.

May 13, 2014

Steingraf Cat Fur Bandages

It's time to break out the big guns. The heavy hitters. The truly amazing and fucked-up donations that refuse to be ignored. The kinds of items I immediately think of when I am asked, "What's the craziest thing that's ever been donated?"

Here you go... the Steingraf Katzenfell Bandagen.

That's right. It's some sort of garment wrapping made of a house cat pelt. And the picture on the box is of a kitten that looks pretty frightened. Those wacky Germans and their cat furs.

May 6, 2014

Bad Ass Cassette Players

We've had some impressive audio cassette players come through the Junk Store recently. Like this badass Tiffen Pro-Dissolve player that comes in its own hardcase with built-in speaker. Not bad.

Or how about this vintage Sankyo stereo cassette deck with all kinds of knobs and faders and shit. Niiice.

Ok, I just did about 5 seconds of research and I see the Tiffen is a slide-projector controller. However, I'm choosing to still regard it as a bad ass cassette deck.

May 3, 2014

Junk Pirate zine #19 OUT NOW

Junk Pirate zine has returned from its long slumber and issue #19 is unleashed.
Featuring lots of random photocopied images.
You can get your copy for just a buck at Rowan Morrison Books online.

May 2, 2014


Celebrating our First Amendment Rights by showing off our collection of toy guns to local law enforcement, many of which look just like real ones. What could possibly go wrong?