Mar 30, 2009

Antlers N' Horns

A couple of antlers and a piece of the devil's skull. 

Mar 27, 2009

Mini Mint

Some tiny coins from the Mini Mint.

While this set of 6 little coin replicas is cute and pretty unique to the junk store, I think it is the little touches that make it blog worthy. 
First off, I'm all for things labeling themselves as "collectors item". Anybody could just spray about the phrase "collectors item" in promotional materials (I do it myself all the time), but it takes a special kind of marketing wizard to actually print "collectors item" right on the item itself.
Even better, is the use of the phrase "presidential", which I image is referencing the fact that US currency (and thus tiny replicas of US currency) has images of a president on it. In fact, I think I'm going to start referring to all my money as "presidential". Except, of course, the ten and one hundred dollar bills, which don't feature presidents. 
Come to think of it, I believe the Susan B Anthony silver dollar is part of this here Mini Mint Collectors Item, and she wasn't a president. What the hell?!?

And speaking of studpidly marketed Presidential Collectors Item coin sets, when is someone going to donate one of those cheap-ass Obama commemorative coin sets that Montel Williams endorsed?

Mar 25, 2009

Smokey Sue Smokes For Two

So, so, so awesome. An educational aid that is intended to show the damage smoking can do to your unborn child. It's basically a jar with a little girl doll head that has a squeezy suction bulb pump that can suck smoke from a lit cigarette into a submerged fetus in the jar. The smoke gets exhaled by the fetus. 
It doesn't really show anything but the how cool even a pregnant cabbage patch kid can look while smoking. I suppose that, if enough cigarettes are smoked through this device, the water gets a little yellow.
Seriously, I could spend all day feeding cigarettes into this doll's jar-body fetus. It is just hypnotic. 

You can buy yours here for over 200 dollars! Cigarettes not included.

Mar 8, 2009

The Pharm System


One of the best and brightest Junk Store collections is the Jammer's hoard of Pharmaceutical Company Drug Pens. He just loves to roll up his sleeves and dig deep into the pen drawer in search for Pharm Pen treasure. It seems like he can dig up a pharm pen or three every try. And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the other wonderful Promotional Drug products we have flowing in all the time. These doctors have it made. 

Zmax tape dispensers.

Tagamet Safe lock box

Chrolomycetin (distinguished for its versatility) ruler, Evoxac paper, and a vintage Septra memo pad. We got it all.

This one is good: a Fortaz ruler with stencils of very stylized breast and penis. How did the medical profession get by before something like this was given to them.

Welp, it looks like it is all about to change. According to a recent article in the NY Times, all free doctor gifts from the Pharmaceutical industry have been banned. Yup, the party is over. This shocking blow was eased a little bit by this awesome picture that was linked from the article...

Now, that is a Pharm Pen collection.  Or at least it was until it got taken off the internet. Damn.
Here, I found another picture:

Mar 7, 2009

Game On: Guitar Hero, GameGear, & Atari

I'm never not excited to get some video game gear here at the Junk Store. Whatever you got; vintage Atari, handheld games, Nintendo cereal, or perhaps some fresh Xbox games... I'll eat 'em all up. Let us now take a look at some recent gaming donations.

Guitar Hero 1 for the Playstation 2. Complete with guitar, guitar strap, and game disc. Used, but still in the box. Guitar Hero is such an awesome game, except when you get stuck on some song that you've never heard of form one of these newfangled hipster emo "metal" bands and you just have to listen to that garbage over and over while you try to beat it. Still, when you finally get that song, man, it feels good.
Check it out. It's a generic Atari 2600 controller in the box. This goes next to this on the Junk Pirate shelf.
Sega Game Gear. This was a full color, cartridge based portable video game system that was completely obliterated in popularity by Gameboy. It's pretty beefy.

The motherload. A fat box of vintage Atari VCS (aka 2600) games. In the mix we also have some racing controllers, a bunch of manuals, a few Sega Genesis games, and a rare Atari 5200 controller! There was even an ultra rare Atari 7800 game cartridge. Not a bad haul.

Mar 5, 2009

a Jedi craves not these things

Star Wars talking Yoda doll. 
One vintage Star Wars item is worth about 100 new trilogy items (or "jar-jars" as I like to call them). Therefore, this talking Yoda, with Star Wars trivia and rambling stories of the Clone Wars at the press of a hand, will have to do for now.

Mar 4, 2009

Twelve Inch Double Faced: The Flexi-Vinyls

Another great collection...

A fistfull of Flexi records. You know, those flexible plastic record sheets often with advertising promotion songs or Nat Geo recordings. They are often on clear sheets. Anybody know if there is anybody who still manufactures these?

Ghostbusters II back there.

Free demonstration recording and invitation.

SpaceSounds. Say no more.