Mar 27, 2009

Mini Mint

Some tiny coins from the Mini Mint.

While this set of 6 little coin replicas is cute and pretty unique to the junk store, I think it is the little touches that make it blog worthy. 
First off, I'm all for things labeling themselves as "collectors item". Anybody could just spray about the phrase "collectors item" in promotional materials (I do it myself all the time), but it takes a special kind of marketing wizard to actually print "collectors item" right on the item itself.
Even better, is the use of the phrase "presidential", which I image is referencing the fact that US currency (and thus tiny replicas of US currency) has images of a president on it. In fact, I think I'm going to start referring to all my money as "presidential". Except, of course, the ten and one hundred dollar bills, which don't feature presidents. 
Come to think of it, I believe the Susan B Anthony silver dollar is part of this here Mini Mint Collectors Item, and she wasn't a president. What the hell?!?

And speaking of studpidly marketed Presidential Collectors Item coin sets, when is someone going to donate one of those cheap-ass Obama commemorative coin sets that Montel Williams endorsed?

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