Mar 7, 2009

Game On: Guitar Hero, GameGear, & Atari

I'm never not excited to get some video game gear here at the Junk Store. Whatever you got; vintage Atari, handheld games, Nintendo cereal, or perhaps some fresh Xbox games... I'll eat 'em all up. Let us now take a look at some recent gaming donations.

Guitar Hero 1 for the Playstation 2. Complete with guitar, guitar strap, and game disc. Used, but still in the box. Guitar Hero is such an awesome game, except when you get stuck on some song that you've never heard of form one of these newfangled hipster emo "metal" bands and you just have to listen to that garbage over and over while you try to beat it. Still, when you finally get that song, man, it feels good.
Check it out. It's a generic Atari 2600 controller in the box. This goes next to this on the Junk Pirate shelf.
Sega Game Gear. This was a full color, cartridge based portable video game system that was completely obliterated in popularity by Gameboy. It's pretty beefy.

The motherload. A fat box of vintage Atari VCS (aka 2600) games. In the mix we also have some racing controllers, a bunch of manuals, a few Sega Genesis games, and a rare Atari 5200 controller! There was even an ultra rare Atari 7800 game cartridge. Not a bad haul.

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