Mar 8, 2009

The Pharm System


One of the best and brightest Junk Store collections is the Jammer's hoard of Pharmaceutical Company Drug Pens. He just loves to roll up his sleeves and dig deep into the pen drawer in search for Pharm Pen treasure. It seems like he can dig up a pharm pen or three every try. And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the other wonderful Promotional Drug products we have flowing in all the time. These doctors have it made. 

Zmax tape dispensers.

Tagamet Safe lock box

Chrolomycetin (distinguished for its versatility) ruler, Evoxac paper, and a vintage Septra memo pad. We got it all.

This one is good: a Fortaz ruler with stencils of very stylized breast and penis. How did the medical profession get by before something like this was given to them.

Welp, it looks like it is all about to change. According to a recent article in the NY Times, all free doctor gifts from the Pharmaceutical industry have been banned. Yup, the party is over. This shocking blow was eased a little bit by this awesome picture that was linked from the article...

Now, that is a Pharm Pen collection.  Or at least it was until it got taken off the internet. Damn.
Here, I found another picture:

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