Mar 25, 2009

Smokey Sue Smokes For Two

So, so, so awesome. An educational aid that is intended to show the damage smoking can do to your unborn child. It's basically a jar with a little girl doll head that has a squeezy suction bulb pump that can suck smoke from a lit cigarette into a submerged fetus in the jar. The smoke gets exhaled by the fetus. 
It doesn't really show anything but the how cool even a pregnant cabbage patch kid can look while smoking. I suppose that, if enough cigarettes are smoked through this device, the water gets a little yellow.
Seriously, I could spend all day feeding cigarettes into this doll's jar-body fetus. It is just hypnotic. 

You can buy yours here for over 200 dollars! Cigarettes not included.


snow said...

this is SO AWESOME! i wish I had a real jar child with cancer ridden embryo .. sigh

The Junk Pirate said...

The real coincidence here is that the Junk Store currently employs a woman who is neck-deep in her final trimester and still smokes.
If Smokey Sue doesn't discourage you from lighting up, a 40-year-old pregnant retail clerk puffing Marlboro reds outside the Junk Store is sure to do it.