Best (Worst) Donation Ever:
I have to give this one to the mummified cat. We get plenty of fucked-up donations here at the Junk Store, but I don't think any has the visual impact or freak factor of the kitty.  

Best Other Person's Photo:
Swan Lovin'. So wrong but so right. I don't think I'll ever encounter another donated photo like this. 

Most Popular Post:
According to the blog statistics, people can't get enough of that sweet shredded cash. This one probably has the best blog post title as well.

Most Violent (for real):
Live ammunition should not be donated to non-profit reuse stores.

Most Violent (for pretend):
I love toy guns. Almost as much as I hate real ones. Get ready for fun with some of those older toy guns that were made to look as authentic as possible. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh No You Didn't:
Yes, they did. Many, many times.

Best Preserves:
Rat in formaldehyde.  

Best Promo Item:
We get lots of great promotional items, mostly from drug companies, and while we got some strong competition from the Promo-Nut and the Rapping Malt Liquor Can (featuring Snoop Dogg), I think this oversized novelty spermatozoa to promote Seed of Chucky has to take home the gold.

Put It In A Jar:
We put a lot of things in jars here at the Junk Store, but none created more buzz (get it, get it, come on!) and the Jar of Dead Bees.

Best Office Supply Donation:
This Dymo Labelmaker, that is, itself, labelled. Mind blown.

Best Video Game Donation:
Of all the awesome and classic video game systems and related items we have gotten here, I'm gonna go with the Odyssey 300 with original box. The bright yellow console, the classic 70s styling, the attempt to pass of what is basically Pong as several different games like "Soccer" and "Hockey".

Best Pinball Game Donation / Worst Pinball Game Ever Made:
Hi-Score Pool. 

Grossest Donation:
Dreadlocks from a white person. AWGWD... in a jar.

Best Anti-Children-Smoking Item:
Smokey Sue Smokes For Two, featuring real cigarette smoking doll head, and life-size fetus in a jar.

Best Pro-Children-Smoking Item:
Tricky Squirt Cigarette pack. 

Best Star Wars Item:
Original 1977 Darth Vader poncho. With mask. 

Wild Card:
I just love that someone hoarded all their burnt matches, carefully bagged them, and donated them to us. Bravo.

Best Stack of Boxes:
This stack of boxes.

Best Piece of Donated Art:
We have enough interesting pieces of donated fine art to fill a masterpiece art gallery, but nothing holds a candle to "Cat With A Human Face". Acrylic on canvas.

Honorable Mentions:
The Bear over there.

Second Base

Nash Heat Zone. Circa my childhood.

Viewmasters (not all donated at once).

Human Teeth. 

Ease the pain of my dead-end job with a bottle of liquid Morphine.

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Kathryn Glover said...

This makes you really weird, Pete!

north pal said...

holy shit, that was really gross stuff. no telling what else will show up. i am not whimpy,but i may have to change the verdict on that one. Bestest,Denise

Sarib Singh Khalsa said...