Mar 28, 2010

Vehicle Magnets

When I say "vehicle magnets", I'm not talking about those ribbon shaped magnets for your car in support of this or that (although we are collecting those on the Junk Store truck). I'm speaking of the great collection of refrigerator magnets shaped like vehicles. Vans mostly.
It all started back at the old Register B...

Currently, the collection, when not in hiding from the wrath of Sausage Fingers, is housed on the wall in the Sorting Room Play Closet, adjacent to the State Magnets. We'll also include magnets shaped like airplanes, helicopters, teeth, and pharmacy mortar-and-pestles.

Mar 26, 2010

Burn That Mutha Down

I'm not talking about burning down the entire Junk Store...

Ever on the prowl for any and every analog light show accessory and party-enhancing plug-in possibility, the after-hours Junk Store Sorting Room is transformed into a freak-flag-flying-day-tripping-psychedelic dance party and human be-in, all with the help of a double shot of working disco projecto-globes.

Mar 17, 2010

Tales from the Dork Side: vintage Star Wars Poncho!

Check it out... Vintage 1977 Star Wars Darth Vader Fun Poncho, with mask and hood, new in the package!

Waterproof. Flame. Retarded. Vinyl.
You might think that as both a lifelong Star Wars fan (ok, Jar-Jar kind of ruined it), as well as a refined afficiando of vintage thrift store goods, I would take great care to not remove or damage the new-in-package condition of this fine collectible...

Wrong again.

Mar 14, 2010

used by Dan Akroyd

Overhead projectors are good for enlarging artwork (if you're a tracer), psychedelic light shows, or a good old fashioned business presentation with transparencies. But a recent overhead projector came in with one of the more cryptic notes in recent memory...

"Projector works - one bulb - FREE - Plug in compartment below. USED By DAN AKROYD in the movie "Spies Like Us" - Projector wort"
Now, it has been a while since I saw Spies Like Us, the 1985 John Landis production about two bungling idiots who think they are spies who amazingly prevent a nuclear war, but I don't recall Dan Akroyd using an overhead projector as a major plot point. Or perhaps Dan Akroyd, the actor, used this specific projector in his preparation for the role.
Either way, this post-it note now ranks among my favorites.