Mar 14, 2010

used by Dan Akroyd

Overhead projectors are good for enlarging artwork (if you're a tracer), psychedelic light shows, or a good old fashioned business presentation with transparencies. But a recent overhead projector came in with one of the more cryptic notes in recent memory...

"Projector works - one bulb - FREE - Plug in compartment below. USED By DAN AKROYD in the movie "Spies Like Us" - Projector wort"
Now, it has been a while since I saw Spies Like Us, the 1985 John Landis production about two bungling idiots who think they are spies who amazingly prevent a nuclear war, but I don't recall Dan Akroyd using an overhead projector as a major plot point. Or perhaps Dan Akroyd, the actor, used this specific projector in his preparation for the role.
Either way, this post-it note now ranks among my favorites.

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