Jun 1, 2013

Tumblr from the Junk Store

Presently, I am slowly easing all the amazing awesomeness that is the Tales from the Junk Store blog over towards the new Junk Pirate tumblr page. This will feature such greatness as:
  • new, crazy, and often disturbing items donated to the Junk Store.
  • perhaps more frequent updates.... no promises.
  • all that great Junk Pirate fine art you know you can't live without.
  • witty commentary.
  • other people's photos.
  • links to other awesome collections.
  • and fantastically huge posts that delve deep into the details of some of the famous Junk Pirate collections.
Will I keep updating this blog?     Sure, why not.
Do my bosses know about this?    I sure hope not.
Can you buy this stuff from me?     "I'm a gripper, not a flipper".
Do I ask question out loud to myself and then answer them?     Never!

So check out the Tumblr blog and step up to keep your rep up.

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