May 29, 2010

The Junk Pirate Found Art Exhibition

The show opens TONIGHT, from 6-9pm. We'll also be having drinky receptions on Friday, June 4th and Friday, July 2nd from 7-10pm.
Where? The Compound Gallery - 1167 65th St in Oakland, CA.
Gallery Hours: Thurs-Sun 12-6.
I'm coded in to the tech-lock at the gallery, so if anybody wants a private, after hours tour, let me know.

There will be tons of brand new pieces of artwork, lots of framed junk, over 300 board game pieces, 21 different ViewMaster viewers, 6 kinds of Gumby, other people's photos, a new issue of the zine (if I can finish it in time), custom made Junk Pirate Dice, T-shirts, free beer from Trumer, gambling, prizes, the most insane found slide show ever, and an awesome iPod playlist custom made by yours truly.
Roll the Dice for the Price, baby.

I'll be posting photos of the artwork soon enough, right after I sleep for about a week. Thanks to everyone for checking out this blog, supporting Junk Pirate, and donating all your unwanted awesomeness to the local thrift store.

Specific Thanks go out to: Narangkar, Matt & Lena, Nic, Andrew, The Jammer, the rest of the Junk Store clique, and the great Nungi Van.

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