Jun 11, 2010

Judge Dreads

People often ask "What is the craziest donation you have ever seen?", and it can be hard to answer. 
I guess it all depends on what you think is crazy: Sex toys, drugs, domestic animal furs, porno polaroids, the tortured journal of some bulimic teenager, machetes, live ammo, an apple juice bottle filled with gasoline... there is a lot to consider.
An easy answer is "a human skull". An it's true, we once got a real human skull. For real. But that story is tempered by the fact that the donor acknowledged that this is a very crazy donation and pretty much donated it for that reason. Also, I wasn't there when it got donated (although I got to see it the next day), and I didn't get a picture of it before The Jammer took it home. I heard he later traded it to one of his punk roommates for some magic beans or something stupid. Without a good photo or the item itself, people tend to think the human skull story is bunk.
I, personally, think this is at the top of the crazy donation pile. Not the item itself, but more the whole situation of some old hag saving all of her burnt matches and then demanding a donation tax-receipt so she can deduct it from her income taxes.
When that inevitable "craziest donation" question does come up, the go-to answer is
"a stinky jar of human dreadlocks"
It's simple, it's fucked-up, it really isn't the type of thing that should be given to a thrift store, it's stinky, and we have the jar right there on the shelf up on the wall so we can toss it over to whomever asked the question. You wanna see a crazy donation, well chew on this...

I like how these are clearly AWGWD (Another White Guy With Dreads) dreads. Also, it is noteworthy that the Dread Jar also ushered in the still-current era of hoarding and displaying donations in jars.

You wanna take it up a notch. OK...
Boom! Another dreadlock donation:

Completely independent from the original "Dreads-in-a-jar" donation. These seem to be authentic, Afro-American dreadlocks. Still stinky, though.

So there you have it.

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John said...

I gagged just reading this.