Jun 28, 2010

Legs N' Butts

It was a crisp autumn evening and we had just shut down the receiving dock when some fool in Jeep Cherokee rolled up with what he claimed were "dozens of mannequins". Well, as you should well know, mannequins are like Junk Store gold, so we made a rare exception and re-opened the sorting room.
These weren't mannequins... they were replica-bodies made for military training exercises. And they weren't full bodies, just a bunch of legs and butts. And they were made to replicate the authentic weight of a real body, so each set of butt cheeks and thighs weight about 75 pounds each. They each had these long, dangerous bolts protruding from them.
I don't know how much experience you have piling-up body parts (none, I hope), but these things don't stack easy.

So now, and every morning since that fateful afternoon, I have to haul a half-ton of legs and butts out onto the sidewalk. Rain or shine. Swell.

1 comment:

John said...

Dude, what are these selling for? Do they stand on their own? I'll come by and check em out.