May 26, 2010

Model D (and by 'D' I mean 'F')

What better way to follow-up a Model C than with a ViewMaster Model D Viewer!

It's the first illuminated viewer! Made of Bakelite and manufactured between 1955 and 1972, this viewer is heavy duty, but also prone to cracking and breaking apart (which I learned when I dropped it while taking these photos.

I somehow also managed to mangle the box pretty bad.

Order yours for over $200 here.

Notice: Over two years later and a friendly buccaroo in the comments correctly identified this as a Model F, not a Model D. Adjust your life plans accordingly.

And now for our link: Make your own custom ViewMaster Picture Disc Reels here!


Anonymous said...

The picture is of a model F

Junk Pirate Pete said...

Let me just do a quick internet search so I can prove you wrong and...


Looks like you are right. Model F it is. "The last Bakelite Viewmaster". Nice catch.

Egg on my face.