Sep 1, 2012

M500 Polaroid ID Camera

Now here's something someone other than me could probably do something interesting with...
The Polaroid M500 ID Camera. It comes in a monstrously bulky case with desktop mount, two packs of expired 669 film, and some other metal crap, and a lot of wasted space filled with foam.

Just plug this behemoth into an outlet (or more likely an extension cord because the power cable attached to the camera is only 10 inches long), load up some of that awesome Polaroid film where you have to peel the two sheets apart, and it's time for some action. 

The most unique part is that you can take 4 instant photos on one piece of film. You can set it to take four of the same picture, two pictures of two, or four different pictures. It also has a flash and even a primitive exposure setting system. 

Here, Hans agreed to model so we can demonstrate just how gorgeous these photos can be:

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