Feb 12, 2009


Here is something pleasant:

You guessed it. A mouse. In a loosely sealed jar. Preserved in what I hope is formaldehyde or maybe 100% alcohol.  You would not believe the fight that took place over who got to keep this hideous thing. Of course, this isn't the first preserved-animal-in-a-jar we have gotten, just the first I got a picture of.

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Sean said...

A few hard boiled eggs in there, and you've got the world's worst bar snack. I was at a flea market once rooting through a drawer of loose marbles, legos, swizzle sticks, and other everyday debris when I came across a 1" vial with a mouse fetus in it that had been dyed purple (to better see the bone structure I'm guessing). They wouldn't even take a quarter for it..just "god, get it out of here!". I'm glad to see it's a trend!