Jan 30, 2009

Black Widow and the Spider Wars

So one day Top Cat and the Jammer are unloading bucket after bucket of dusty hand tools (mostly screwdrivers and wrenches) from the truck when they discover this little guy chilling in one particularly crusty bin.

It's a fucking Black Widow spider. I kid you not. At first I thought it was just another false alarm, like when Racing Thoughts Simpson mistakes every bug for a Brown Recluse Spider. But, sure enough, there was the telltale red hourglass shape on the abdomen. After spending half an hour rounding old Spidey up and getting him (or her) into a jar with air holes poked into the lid and some fake plant matter for it crawl on, the rest of the day was spent hunting live bugs and flies for it to eat.
When Top Cat captured another, non Black Widow spider, it was thrown into the arena and thus began Spider Wars.
Surprisingly, the Black Widow was defeated and killed pretty early in the competition. Still, it was fun having a lethal arachnid as a pet for a week or so.

It can be a little hard to see in these photos, what with the glass distortion and the spider spending its time clinging to the lid, but I promise you that is a black widow.

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