Jan 19, 2009

Old School Video Camera

No, I'm not talking about Hi8, or regular 8mm, or even that strange VHS-C thing that had a mini-cassette that you then had to put into a larger cassette adapter. I'm not even talking about the full on VHS 1/2" cassette holding camera. I'm taking this one way back to the days when the video camera was a whole separate unit from the recorder, which was like a giant machine you had to carry on a bag strapped around your shoulder. If you are under the age of 30, you probably don't even remember these monsters. Well a recent donation is here to take us back...

It's the Panasonic Newvicon Omnipro Color Video Camera PK-957. From 1983. The only things missing are the microphone, a rhinestone glove, a baby-on-board sign, and  your trapper-keeper. 
Then, not a fortnight later did we get this donation...

It's another non-recording video camera. This time from Hitachi.
6 Years without a non-recording consumer video camera from the 80s and then, wham, back-to-back.

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