Aug 2, 2008


After years of waiting and concentrating on manifesting it, I finally spotted an old Madball among a big bin of musty toys. It is Screaming Meemie, from the original Series One Toys by AmToy from 1985. This is in excellent condition considering it is 23 years old and made of foam rubber.

Madballs went through two series of 8 balls each, plus a series of 4 larger sports balls (called Super Madballs). They later spawned a comic book, a few cartoon episodes, and other toy products. The New York hardcore band, Madball, was, in fact, named after Madballs toys. A redesigned series of Madballs updates have recently been available in toy stores.

Madballs commercial from 1985

Madballs cartoon: Escape from Orb (part 1)


Mr. Sean said...

They re-released Madballs & you can buy them again. I haven't seen the actual balls in stores for some reason, but the side merchandise is all over the place here in Oregon. Stickers, greeting cards, etc. I just found a Madballs comic from the 80s the other day in the quarter bins as well.

Stephen J. Bushman said...

Terence McKenna referred to a collective of entities he encountered on DMT as "machine elves from the end of time" and "self-dribbling bejewelled basketballs" who, as they welcomed him to their dimension, and encouraged him to not be overwhelmed by astonishment, encouraged him to practice what they did, which was to create indescribably complex transdimensional objects made of language. Madballs.

Jason said...

Just found your site, and so far I really like it. I tend to read new blogs that I find from the beginning, so that's why I'm commenting on a 3 1/2 year old post. I just wanted to let you know that there were only 3 of the lager sports balls. They were called Super Madballs. There was a football(Touchdown Terror), a basketball(Foul Shot), and a soccer ball(Goal Eater). The funny thing is that my most recent post was on Touchdown Terror(he's in my collection. Check it out if you get a chance.

The Junk Pirate said...

Jason -
Thanks for the comment and I'm glad your digging the Junk Store blog. I'm stoked on your blog of all your stuff. And I always psyched to get a comment on an older post. Some of the best items are lurking deep in the blog from years past.