Dec 28, 2008

Time for some action

I think by now it is pretty clear to anybody following Tales From the Junk Store that I'm a pretty big fan of donations of toys. Action figures are some of my favorites. And while I'll never scoff at a vintage Boba Fett or, god willing, one of those clear plastic Tron figures from Tomy, what I really like uncovering are some of the random action figures that I have no idea where they are from. 
Exhibit A:

If anybody knows where this guy and his awesome bat-coffin-vehicle are from, leave a comment.


Mr. Sean said...

That's a "Coffin of Darkness" from Voltron. I only know this because i was watching some Voltron a couple years ago & one of the Robeasts arrives in a coffin which i thought was the most BAD ASS thing i'd ever seen. DEATH! Merry Christmas.

narangkar said...

Damn, Sean! Good call. Thanks for the reference link. I'm relieved it's from Voltron and not one of them newfangled Beetleborgs or something.