Aug 28, 2010


As you no doubt remember from my lengthy blog posting back in October of 2009 about "The Rules", all qualifying Junk Pirate treasure has to be donated to the Junk Store without intentions of it becoming a "Junk Pirate-thing" (blog entry, zine image, artwork, etc).
Be that as it may, I'm now warming up to the idea of people giving me stuff with the intention of it being put into Junk Pirate context. A prime example of this would be when my pals Dan & Lexa scoured the continent that India is on searching the diseased streets for discarded matchbooks.

Oh yeah, check out Dan's book, perhaps the second greatest thing ever published. 

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Rachel said...

Oh man, there's no end to the wide array of junk you could collect from the streets of India!!! That would be a really interesting exhibit!