Jan 26, 2011

Knockoffs & Generics: Spiral Art

Lately I've been taking great pleasure in spotting generic knockoffs of popular products. From those cheapo import toys you find at the flea market to government issued food packaging, few things are brightening my winter quite like a the hilarious names and images of these ripoffs.
In fact, I'm so stoked on this new Junk Pirate category that I've made a new Junk Pirate blog category: knockoffs.
So for a few consecutive days here, let's celebrate low quality imitations of popular products and characters.

Spirograph has been knocked off a lot. Recently we obtained this Taiwanese "Design Ruler". It's about 3 inches tall. 
And let's not forget this:

This may look like an original art product, but don't let the fancy packaging fool you. Any product with the words "Sprial" and "Art" in it is a Spirograph knockoff.

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