Feb 16, 2012

Junkstagram update

If you aren't following "thejunkpirate" on Instagram, you are missing out on all sorts of awesomely composed pictures of strange and interesting crap. Like these:

If you don't have access to Instagram because you're still using a flip phone, then I feel bad for you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit I'm completely out-of-touch...what the hell is 'Instagram'?

The Junk Pirate said...

Instagram is a photo sharing app available only on for iPhone. Kinda like other social networks except without the ability to post links, therefore a lot less self-righteousness. Also no advertisements.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's why I don't know what you were talking about...I'm one of those people that you feel bad for, LOL. However, not everyone needs or wants a so-called 'smartphone' (or the sky-high bill that goes with it)!