Dec 31, 2012

Signs of the Times - a look forward and a glance back

Welp, another year is in the books and I thank you for allowing me to share all the fantastic and sickening junk that has passed through my dry and rashy hands this past year.

This is the post where I'd like to give a clever and slightly veiled shout-out to all the good and bad things that took place in the Junk Store these past 12 months (damn you, Sausage Fingers!), but it is becoming a giant blur of exciting garbage, daily frustrations, and treasures-to-trash and I can't remember what happened when.
I fail to document more than half of it, I'm just about over a lot of it, and I wonder why the book deals and Hollywood executives with their big checks for my story options aren't knocking on my door yet. I blame everybody but myself.

Yet I'm resolved to get back up off the sorting room floor and redouble my efforts to get the zaniest shit up on the web (and perhaps into my home) regardless of how many health and safety codes I have to violate. This next year is going to be great and we're all going to get junk drunk on a regular basis! We don't need money or health cuz we've got hundreds of photos a weird collectable shit.

Like I've always said, there is no problem to daunting that we can roll up our sleeves, dig in our heels, and completely ignore.

So, if you have some time this afternoon, or maybe in the early morning and there isn't anything on tv, you can take a moment to check out the Junk Pirate Artwork Archive. Or maybe you haven't strolled through the Donation Hall of Fame yet. Perhaps peruse through the 450 older posts, and if you see something you like (or hate), leave a comment. Why not browse by category? And if you write a blog of your own, throw a link my way.

Or just sit there and enjoy some of these Signs of the Times from the Junk Store's past.
See you next year!

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