Oct 25, 2008

Burns 2008, Oh Fuck Yeah!

While to you this may just be another crappy 45 record from some one-hit wonder from the early 80s, to me this is an early relic of the amazing career of the actor who would go on to play Dr. Peter Burns on the greatest television drama of all times, Melrose Place.

Jack Wagner is known for his role as Frisco Jones on the soap opera General Hospital in the 1980s and 90s. He ascended to god-like status when he was added to the cast of Melrose Place in 1994 as the rival to Thomas Calabro's Michael Mancini. He currently stars as Dominick Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful. He was nominated for two Daytime Emmys (in 1985 and 2005).

Even more impressive, he has recorded five albums on which he sings and plays guitar (the most recently in 2005), and scored a #2 hit on the US pop charts (#1 for two weeks in the Adult Contemporary charts) in early 1985 with his hit song, "All I Need".

This record is the not-so-successful follow-up single, "Premonition". The B-side, "Lady of My Heart" did hit #76 on the US pop charts in the summer of '85.

Check outs: Jack Wagner fan site, Jack-Wagner.com
"Did you think I was insane AND stupid?!?"

The music video for "Premonition"!!!

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irving said...

doesn't get more 80's than this