Nov 15, 2008

I Love Fisher-Price

You haven't lived until you have simultaneously played the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on four different Fisher-Price record players.
It has been a while since that old-school Junk Store shenanigan, but I'm gonna bring it back starting with this working model #825 Fisher-Price Portable Record Player.
These things are the best. They play at 33 and 45 speed, have a built in 45 hole adapter, 4" internal speaker, and a removable lid. They almost always work. The tan-white-orange color combo was manufactured from 1979 through 1984. From 1985 to 1989 it came in a white-and-blue style (which has never been donated). 
and now for some links:
First United Church of the Fisher-Price Record Player
- awesome T-Shirt illustration
- complete Fisher-Price phonograph product list (with photos)
- video of Hall & Oats record being played (?!?)

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