Oct 16, 2009

Adventures In Cubed Eggs

This caught my eye from within the heap of dusty donations:

"Makes a square egg", eh? I was just thinking how I was getting sick and tired of my hard boiled eggs just rolling around all over my plate willy-nilly. Square eggs might just be the answer to this breakfast dilemma. So I busted out my employee discount privileges, picked up a sixer of eggs (also a sixer of beer), and could barely sleep through the night in anticipation of right-angled hen-fruit come morning time.

Boil 'em

Peel 'em and plate 'em.

Cram 'em (one at a time) into this orange plastic contraption and crank down the top.

Ta-daaaa... Breakfast is served.

And I failed to even show you the best part...
The box has an illustration of a chicken cursing from the pain of laying a square egg!
You can order yours right now for only 3 bucks right here. No promises on the cool retro cursing chicken packaging, though.

A quick inter-web search will find several egg-cubing videos, plus some photos sets and message board discussions. Apparently putting your egg in the fridge while it is cubing will help it retain the cube shape. 
I also want to point out that I have refrained from using any "egg" puns this entire post. And it wasn't easy.

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