Oct 30, 2009

Manifest Destiny (in magnet form)

We've got another collection on our hands.

Ever so slowly we are trying to accumulate and complete collection of all 50 state magnets. To up the ante a little bit, we are only including magnets that are shaped like the state itself (unless it is somehow really cool, then we'll include it. However, only state-shaped magnets will represent the actual state). USA! USA!

Heck, we'll even include some Canada, Mexico, or even Europe if they get donated.

Since Washington D.C. is technically not a state, we'll have to settle for this US Capitol shaped magnet. 

Connecticut and Illinois both currently have two representatives. 

I'm not too happy with Montana's magnet, but it will have to do for the moment. We're also having trouble getting all these magnets to fit together in the shape of the continental US since the magnets aren't really standardized in scale. That and I really have no idea which state goes where other than the the three on the West Coast. 

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John said...

Move Montana up there above Utah then move South Dakota next to that but down a little...