Jun 13, 2009

Best promo item EVER

Are you kidding me? It's is one of those squeezy foam promo items. Those are pretty cool. And it is for the 2004 movie Seed of Chucky (co-starring Redman with a cameo from John Waters). That's even cooler. And it is of a giant sperm. Now that is really cool. But wait, it gets even better.

Yup. On the flip side it says "Coming Everywhere." Oh, man. That is just so awesome. I can't believe this movie didn't make more money than Titanic and Star Wars combined with promotions like this. A little online searching revealed another great Seed of Chucky promo:

Seed of Chucky promo condoms. With the tagline "Get a Load of Chucky". Not bad, but I'll keep my giant "Coming Everywhere" sperm, thank you very much.

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