Jun 12, 2009


From the Quaker Oats website:
"In 1965, Quisp landed on Earth with his Quazy Energy Cereal – and the world's been a better place ever since, especially during breakfast. The saucer-shaped, crunchy corn cereal has delighted kids and adults everywhere. Bring Quisp to your house and home planet today. The crispy flavor is out of this world."

Welp, now the Junk Store is a better place because somebody just donated two empty boxes of Quisp. Only a nerd like me would even know what Quisp is and get all excited over a box a collapsed box of cereal. 
Now, if only somebody would donate a box of Quake cereal, then we could get this party started. If you really wanna get crazy, donate a box of Quangaroos. Whoa.

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