Jun 1, 2009

Get Belted with the PowerBelt!

As promised, today we will take a closer look at that amazing belt Hans was wearing in the last blog... it's the Powerbelt.

There it is. While it was clear at a glance that this was some sort of gimmicky exercise product, the Jammer and I fumbled with it for hours before just giving up and strapping it onto Hans. After some extensive internet research, I now realize that Hans is wearing his Powerbelt backwards. Your supposed to have those gizmos in the back, and then you grab the handles and pull the resistance ripcords while you run like cranked-up marionette. 
My internet research was further complicated by the fact that "powerbelt" is also a type of firearm ammunition.

You can get all kinds of Powerbelt info, testimonials, videos, and your chance to win your own Powerbelt at the official website here: Maximum Walking Fitness

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