Aug 24, 2009

Neil Diamonds Autograph!

Could it really be an authentic autographed LP from Neil Diamond. Let's take a closer look:

Ok, now let's compare it to another Neil Diamond autograph I randomly grabbed from the 'net:

Yup! Looks good!
Update: Looks like somebody didn't appreciate me linking through to their Neil Diamond autograph. Trust me, it looked really similar to the one on our donated record.

Now what to do with such a rare and valuable item?
Put it on Ebay?   No.
Frame it and put it on the wall?    No.
Sell it with the rest of the records and stoke out some Neil Diamond fan?    No.
Smash the record and then lost the autographed cover under fabric mountain?    Bingo!
Sorry, Lynne, but you should hold onto your valuables. 

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